“Check out the calibre of the Michael Sykes Band. This is dirty blues at its finest” – BBC Introducing Devon & Cornwall.

“Get ready to be swept away by the rolling beauty of ‘The River’, the magical new song by the Michael Sykes Band” – BBC Introducing Devon & Cornwall.

Creating an original sound that peers into the past and reaches into the future, The Michael Sykes Band combines instrumentation old and new. From raw cigar box guitar, catchy blues harmonica, slide guitar, vintage drums, warm bass tone and rhythmic didgeridoo, to the cutting edge midi polyphonic expression of the Roli Seaboard.

Lead by singer-songwriter Michael Sykes, the band create an earthy, bluesy, ambient sound with roots in blues rock, folk and jazz. From timeless songs to edgy captivating improvisation, performances are eclectic, dynamic and unique, which echoes the diverse musical nature of the Michael Sykes Band.

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